Because the presence of hazardous vapours and ground gases or landfill gas could affect a site (legal, safety, or financial concerns) through its life cycle, we identify, quantify, and design mitigation solutions to provide tailored, practical, and effective solutions to hazardous ground gases problems.

Our specialised experience includes investigation of hazardous vapours and ground gases, interpretation of monitoring data, and quantitative design of protection measures. We can:

  • Characterise the gas source identifying potential risks
  • Employ traditional and advanced vapour monitoring techniques to refine the risk characterisation
  • Assess data to understand risks posed to the site or neighbouring land uses
  • Design site-specific hazardous ground gas protection measures
  • Perform quality assurance inspections of protection measures
  • Design and implement environmental management plans to control residual risks

Understanding vapour intrusion risks and good hazardous-vapour/ground-gas management practices can:

  • Reduce risk. By managing hazardous vapours and ground gases, we help you manage the risk of accidental exposure and untoward incidences onsite, as well as legal liabilities.
  • Reduce cost and time delays. Identifying mitigation designs appropriate to the type of vapour or gas saves time and money.
  • Maximise site value. Choosing appropriate mitigation for hazardous vapours or gases enables developers to optimise the land value of the site.