Begin with the end in mind!

Effective remediation begins with a fit-for-purpose conceptual site model.  More remediations fail due to limitations in the CSM than for any other reason.

We bring our international experience to remedial options assessment  linking your future needs to an appropriate remedial strategy. We balance a sites remedial cost with your appetite for ongoing liability.

We provide a full range of remediation services from remedy selection through design and execution.  Geosyntec has been the remediation contractor or design engineer on numerous projects across the country involving:

  • Bioremediation
  • In situ stabilisation (ISS) of sediments
  • Chemical injection and stabilisation

The benefits we provide are:

  • Highly experienced team with technical knowledge accrued through a range of experiences and remediation projects
  • Decades of experience in the remediation industry
  • Practitioners who are the developers of technological solutions others implement
  • Commitment to understanding client requirements
  • Delivery of a quality outcome on time and on budget