Simone Smith

Simone Smith is a Senior Engineer and Team Lead for the Site Investigation and Remediation Group in Sydney who offers extensive experience conducting and managing projects for private sector and government clients across Australia, Canada, and the United States.  

Drawing on over 18 years of practical experience in site investigations, human health risk assessments, permitting and approvals, and solid waste support, Simone manages complex projects involving soil and groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion. She brings extensive experience conducting risk assessments in Canada, permitting landfills in the United States, and managing due diligence, contaminated sites, and remediation projects across North America, in addition to developing remedial recommendations at sites across Canada, the United States, and Australia. 

Since being in Australia, Simone has worked on a wide variety of projects in New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, and Northern Territory, including managing due diligence and remedial action plans for development purposes, supporting audits at a dozen coal mines, and conducting environmental, health, and safety assessments at galvanising facilities in Australia and New Zealand.