Tower with power lines

Power and Utilities

Geosyntec has long provided engineering services for new and upgraded power transmission facilities. We work with clients to address complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, permitting, and civil infrastructure. We understand the regulatory environment and use our expertise to help clients address their specific challenges.

With many years of experience worldwide, Geosyntec understands the environmental and engineering issues associated with generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity, and we often help clients with work and challenges involving nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, biofuels, fossil fuels, and peat.

Our expertise is widely recognised; power producers and industry organisations often call on us to participate in strategic responses to ash spills, create guidance documents, and teach in-house courses. In addition, they often reach out to us for third-party oversight and design optimisation/verification for projects including geotechnical investigations, decommissioning of power plants, evaluations of dam, dike, and pond integrity, development of nuclear-facility flood-protection plans, and the closure and reuse of ash storage facilities.

In addition, we have a nuanced understanding of the water-air nexus in waste reduction, we interpret the complexities of the multiple regulatory changes underway, and we provide good management in ecological, social, cultural, and economic terms.


  • Consultation regarding coal ash and by-products
  • Engineering services for coal ash
  • Groundwater services for coal ash
  • Water and wastewater services
  • Air quality services
  • Electric transmission services

Our clients understand environmental and occupational safety and health risk management is a vital component of operational excellence. Geosyntec's environmental management team builds compliance solutions, distinguishes between potential and actual environmental risks, and develops strategies to decrease energy and water use.

Environmental and health and safety (EHS) systems are essential for private and public sector clients who are committed to achieving high standards of EHS performance and compliance. Our documented management systems allow clients to identify, prioritise, and efficiently manage potential EHS risks associated with their operations using a plan, do, check, act framework to foster continuous programme improvement. We work alongside clients to help them manage risk and reduce environmental liabilities to align them with their financial and stewardship goals. Our expertise in compliance, permitting, and auditing across disciplines allows us to identify compliance obligations and proactively find opportunities to improve clients’ compliance records.

Clients trust Geosyntec to provide construction management services at complex project sites around the world using proven technologies, innovative methods, and best-in-class applications. This has been a core service area for our teams of engineers, geologists, and technicians for more than 25 years. In fact, we have developed many of the methods, standards, and procedures in use today at solid-waste management facilities, manufacturing plants, energy production plants, and major transportation infrastructure sites under construction or scheduled for demolition across Europe and in Malaysia.

Whether decommissioning and remediating a former power generation site or a conducting a geotechnical investigation for an offshore wind farm, Geosyntec possesses the in-house scientific, engineering, and construction management expertise to design, permit, and implement cost-effective, practical solutions for clients.