Lange Jorstad, Ph.D.

Lange Jorstad, Ph.D., (Sydney/New South Wales) is a Principal Contaminant Hydrogeologist with 25 years’ experience in the design, management and delivery of contaminated land assessment and remediation services and related corporate advisory services in Australia, Asia Pacific and the US. He has directed, managed, and been a technical contributor to many environmental assessment and remediation projects, specialising in risk-based site characterisation to guide management decisions for contaminated land, conceptual model development to evaluate contaminant transport and exposure pathways, and geochemical analysis and modelling to assess water quality.

Lange is a NSW EPA accredited Site Auditor, and provides statutory auditing of contaminated site assessment and remediation projects in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, as well as technical representation of clients in regulatory negotiations and litigation support.

  • Contaminated site assessment
  • Statutory contaminated land auditing (NSW, ACT)
  • Hydrogeological and geochemical assessment
  • Regulatory negotiation and litigation support

Power Generation Facilities, Australia. Engaged to provide independent review and strategic advice across a portfolio of power generation facilities owned by a corporate utility. Services include site assessment strategy development, tender scope preparation and response evaluation, independent technical review of reports prepared by other consultants, regulatory risk analysis and engagement strategy, evaluation of environmental liabilities and technical support for dispute resolution.

Former Manufacturing Facility, Sydney, NSW. Managed a soil, soil vapour, surface water and groundwater investigation at a former manufacturing facility and adjacent parkland with chlorinated solvents impacts, which was subject to a Management Order issued by the NSW EPA. Services included detailed site investigations, development of a conceptual site model of contaminant transport between the site and a nearby creek, supervision of quantitative risk assessment and contaminant fate and transport modelling, managing regulatory negotiations, and providing technical advice to support litigation.

Vapour Mitigation System Design and Commissioning, NSW. Project Director for a program of vapour intrusion mitigation design, construction validation and commissioning for a new commercial building constructed on land with ground gas and chlorinated solvent vapour risks. Collaborated with the civil design team for preparation of a detailed design package, performed construction site inspections, lead regulatory negotiations on behalf of the client and supervised implementation of a detailed system commissioning program to facilitate a land use suitability determination by a Site Auditor.