Kylie Lloyd

Kylie Lloyd (Sydney/New South Wales) is a Senior Principal Environmental Scientist with more than 25 years of international experience in contaminated site auditing, assessment and remediation, risk assessment, and supply chain sustainability. She is a New South Wales EPA accredited Site Auditor. In addition, Kylie routinely presents evidence as an expert witness on contaminated sites and acts as a key advisor in due diligence assessments. In her management roles, she has a proven record of coordinating resources, managing projects, developing business opportunities, and managing personnel across disciplines.

In addition to her robust practice, Kylie thrives on attracting and developing collaborative teams to help clients address complex problems and is passionate about building strong and enduring relationships with clients. Kylie finds a deep sense of purpose in mentoring junior practitioners and knows that as this work hones their skills, it also deepens her practice, grows the business, and better serves her clients.