At Geosyntec, we foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment for all employees, clients, and partners, as well as for the communities we serve.

We commit to inclusion, diversity and equity and we work to develop and advance meaningful relationships with our employees, supporting them as they build rewarding careers. We build inclusive diverse and equitable partnerships with our external stakeholders—these relationships are essential to our mission that involves delivering sustainable and innovative solutions for improving our environment and infrastructure.

Our core values of passion, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, lifelong learning, and sustainability drive our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity.

We will continue to engage in sustained self-examination and investment because we know this essential to building intercultural competence across our organisation, particularly in our leaders. We are not done. We seek out opportunities to enhance inclusion and build greater equity and diversity.

We change the world for the better. Geosyntec’s innovative solutions improve the environment. Our work addresses human and ecological health and promotes social and economic development.

We build an inclusive and equitable culture. We are committed to building an inclusive and equitable workplace, so that our people can bring their whole selves to work, build rewarding careers, and work with diverse colleagues, clients, and partners to develop innovative solutions to serve our communities.

We invest in people. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to designing solutions for our clients. The same applies to how we treat our people. Each employee is unique, and as is the career each employee builds at Geosyntec.

Our Programs

The Diversity Council—This independent council comprises employees who represent various aspects of Geosyntec’s diversity and works closely with leadership and Human Resources to provide direction and guidance for the company’s diversity program.

The Women’s Mentoring Program—This grassroots program is an important avenue for those who identify as women and to connect and support each other. The program provides resources and mentoring to advance women’s and gender non-conforming individuals’ career development.

The Mentorship and Affinity Program—This program connects people throughout the organisation and delivers impactful mentorship, driven by the employee’s personalised goals. We are committed to offering mentoring to all employees in all stages of their career.

Diversity Engagement Channels—Across 100 locations and 15 time zones we provide online forums to raise our collective awareness and affirm our commitment to antiracism, celebrate diversity, and practice conscious inclusion.

Employee Network GroupsEmployee Network Groups (ENGs) are voluntary employee-led networking groups that work to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace for employees who self-identify as belonging to underrepresented groups within the Geosyntec family of companies. Our ENGs work with the Diversity Council to develop goals in alignment with the firm’s mission and values.

Education and Training Resources—We provide customised resources to educate employees to self-identify and work to eliminate any unconscious biases and move towards conscious inclusion.

University Outreach—We collaborate with organisations on university campuses to network and engage with a diverse group of candidates to increase the diversity of our talent pipeline.