Transactional due diligence can encompass far more than just the routine Phase I, advancing to higher-level deal optimisation. We support clients by evaluating sustainable practices and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, not only to mitigate, but to optimise the environmental footprint of a transaction.

Investing in a business or a property requires careful consideration and understanding of risks. We help you integrate the merits and risks associated with your acquisition or divestment.

Our services span technical, environmental, and financial due diligence from pre-transaction to asset retirement and can include any number of these actions along the asset life cycle:

  • Rapid desktop environmental screening, research, and virtual dataroom support
  • Environmental, health, and safety due diligence (acquisition and vendor)
  • Environmental compliance and permitting evaluations
  • Technical and safety due diligence, assets, and infrastructure
  • Assessment of environmental financial provisions and liability management
  • Post-transaction support
  • Planning and preparation for divestment and exit

We provide strategic and transactional advice across a broad range of asset classes including:

  • Manufacturing and industry
  • Geo-environmental containment and waste management
  • Renewable energy technology
  • Real property and asset management
  • Transportation, distribution, and logistics
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Water resource management

We are experienced professionals who have advised industrial and commercial clients, institutional investors, funds, insurers, law firms, multilateral development organizations, public bodies, private developers, and sponsors.

A thorough due diligence ensures you:

  • Avoid risk, providing protection against environmental, health, and safety liabilities and third-party claims
  • Understand the sources of liability with as well as the techniques and tools available to control or mitigate them
  • Invest in sound environmental management practices
  • Protect brand and reputation