Cheryl Halim

Cheryl Halim, PhD

Cheryl Halim, PhD, (Sydney/New South Wales) is a Principal Environmental Engineer with more than 16 years of experience in environmental assessment and remediation, risk assessment and asbestos assessment and mitigation. She is a New South Wales EPA accredited Site Auditor. She offers clients a wealth of experience in assessing risk, auditing contaminated sites, and conducting due diligence. She has participated in over 100 audits for New South Wales and other states.

Cheryl assists clients large and small in the assessment and remediation of various contamination including asbestos, heavy metals, PFAS, PAHs, hydrocarbon impacts, and hazardous ground gases. Cheryl is thrilled to be in the company of Geosyntec’s worldwide risk assessment specialists and to build on their knowledge, as well as her own, as she develops and refines Australian risk assessment capabilities.

Cheryl also has Exemplar Global certification (ISO 14001:2015) as Lead Auditor for Environmental Management System. In this practice, Cheryl has conducted numerous Independent Environmental Audits for State Significant Development projects and has been involved in audits of schools, mines, and residential and commercial sites.