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Geosyntec Expands Client Service in Australia with Zoic Acquisition

Geosyntec is excited to announce that Zoic Environmental Pty Ltd, a consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, providing environmental services to clients in the Asia Pacific region, has joined Geosyntec. The acquisition will enhance the ability for clients in the region to work with local Australian experts with increased access to a global network of technical leaders.


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International leaders, local partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Geosyntec scientists and engineers have pioneered advances in bioremediation, vapour intrusion, smouldering combustion, electrokinetic soil remediation, and advances in many other fields. Geosyntec brings the most advanced remediation solutions in the world to the most challenging sites in Australia and New Zealand. With engineering teams in Sydney and Melbourne we provide local prime contract approaches or design services through new and existing partnerships with local scientists, engineers, and consulting professionals.

A reliable partner for creative, cost-effective, and successful solutions, we bring a total environmental management approach to remediation, where science, policy, external and internal drivers, and all stakeholders are considered in the development of a best-value outcome for each and every client in each and every project. We set the standard for engineered solutions, scientifically rigourous investigation, and effective risk management.

Services Overview

Geosyntec Consultants is a specialised consulting and engineering firm with offices in Australia that work with clients to solve complex problems for our clients.


Bioremediation of contaminated sites can solve certain complex groundwater and soil contamination issues at lower costs than competing traditional approaches.

Vapour Intrusion

For more than 20 years, Geosyntec professionals have pioneered the assessment and management of vapour intrusion through practice and applied research.


Offering a broad range of sediment management capabilities, we specialise in remedies for sites with contaminated sediments and surface waters.


Our consultants provide environmental consulting, remediation, contracting and auditing aspects for a number of types of industries.


We focus on practical solutions to complex water treatment problems for metals, sulfate, radionuclides, and other constituents of concern at mining sites.

Our Team

Our team in Australia is part of a company with over 1,500 engineers and scientists around the globe.

Lange Jorstad, Ph.D.

Lange Jorstad has 20 years of experience in the management of both contaminated land and hydrogeological investigations, and specialist hydrogeological support for projects.
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David Reynolds, Ph.D.

David Reynolds has extensive experience in the development and implementation of effective remediation and management strategies for complex and challenging contaminated sites.
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Julie Konzuk, Ph.D.

Julie Konzuk has directed, managed, or provided specialist technical support for projects ranging from overall strategy development and site investigation to laboratory treatability studies.
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Frederic Cosme

Frederic Cosme is a Principal Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia, with 20 years’ experience in environmental consulting and hydrogeology.
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Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson is a senior environmental engineer with over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting with a focus on assessing and mitigating human health risks associated with sub-surface vapour intrusion.
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